Popular female names

It’s no secret that there is a fashion for names. In the 50s of the last century, the names of Valentine, Tamara, Nadezhda, Galina were popular. In the 60s, it was fashionable to call newborn girls Svetochki and Ninochka (hello to the film «Prisoner of the Caucasus»).

In the 70s, a whole generation of Lyudmil, Lyubov and Annushka grew up. In the eighties, the names Natasha, Lena and Olya were extremely popular. The nineties were marked by fashion for exotic female names, and this is due to the popularity of foreign series. The fashion for Old Slavonic names (Milolika. Lyubava, Lada) and double names (for example, Anna-Maria, Katerina-Sofia) revived in the zero years.

This article lists only some female names.


The name Anastasia has ancient Greek roots, this is a variant of the male name Anastas. The meaning of the name is «risen.» It can be assumed that people like the name for their harmony. There are many affectionate variants of this name: Nastya, Nastya, Nastena, etc. Nastya is a coquette and knows how to have others around her, and this gift will undoubtedly be useful to them in life.


The biblical name of Mary is popular all over the world. This female name has a Hebrew origin and has several meanings: beloved, bitter, stubborn. In the course of m there are many diminutive variants of the name: Maroussia. Masha, Maryushka, etc. It is believed that the owners of this name, even at a very young age, have prudence.


No less popular these days is the name Alina. So the girls were called by the ancient Germans, it translates as «noble.» The melodic name is well perceived by ear and gives its owner a light disposition. Alina, Arina, Alena are names that are similar in sound and very popular, so many namesakes grow up in our country.


In recent years, the name Sophia (Sofia as an option) has firmly established itself in the ranking of popular female names. The ancient Greek name means «wisdom.» Sophia from childhood has such qualities as kindness, calmness and judgment.


The name of Jan is not very common, but stands out from the list of other female names due to its strong energy. From the very childhood, girls with the name Yana have a complicated character, they are very stubborn and purposeful. The Hebrew origin of the name defines these character traits. The dignity of the name Jan also lies in the fact that it goes well with the middle name, derived from traditional male names.

Author: firstplatoon